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Part Number Description
3543030M61M 30A/8.3kV.
3543040M61M 40A/8.3kV.
3543050M61M 50A/8.3kV.
3543065M61M 65A/8.3kV.
3543080M71M 80A/8.3kV.
3543100M71M 100A/8.3kV.
3543125M71M 125A/8.3kV.
3543150M71M 150A/8.3kV.
3543165M71M 165A/8.3kV.
3543125M71M 250*A/8.3kV.
3543150M71M 300*A/8.3kV.
3543165M71M 330*A/8.3kV.
3544030M61M 30A/15.5kV
3544040M61M 40A/15.5kV
3544050M61M 50A/15.5kV
3544065M61M 65A/15.5kV
3544080M71M 80A/15.5kV
3544100M71M 100A/15.5kV
3544125M71M 125A/15.5kV
3544150M71M 150A/15.5kV
3544125M71M 250*A/15.5kV
3544150M71M 300*A/15.5kV
3545030M61M 30A/23kV
3545040M61M 40A/23kV
3545050M61M 50A/23kV
3545065M61M 65A/23kV
3545080M71M 80A/23kV
3545100M71M 100A/23kV
3545125M71M 125A/23kV
3545150M71M 150A/23kV
3545165M71M 165A/23kV
3545125M71M 250*A/23kV
3545150M71M 300*A/23kV
3545165M71M 330*A/23kV
4038108C03-C14 3500A/8.3kV
4038108C03-C14 2500A/15.5kV
4038108C03-C07 1000A/23kV
4038108C09-C14 3500A/23kV
4038108C03 5A
4038108C04 6A
4038108C05 8A
4038108C06 12A
4038108C07 15A
4038108C09 25A
4038108C11 40A
4038108C12 50A
4038108C14 65A
3563003M11M 3A/8.3kV
3563006M11M 6A/8.3kV
3563008M11M 8A/8.3kV
3563012M11M 12A/8.3kV
3563018M11M 18A/8.3kV
3563020M11M 20A/8.3kV
3563025M11M 25A/8.3kV
3563030M11M 30A/8.3kV
3563040M11M 40A/8.3kV
3563050M11M 50A/8.3kV
3563030M11M 30A/8.3kV
3564040M11M 40A/8.3kV
3563050M11M 50A/8.3kV
3564003M11M 3A/15.5kV
3564006M11M 6A/15.5kV
3564008M11M 8A/15.5kV
3564012M11M 12A/15.5kV
3564018M11M 18A/15.5kV
3564020M11M 20A/15.5kV
3564025M11M 25A/15.5kV
3564030M11M 30A/15.5kV
3564040M11M 40A/15.5kV
3564050M11M 50A/15.5kV
3564030M11M 60A/15.5kV
3564040M11M 80A/15.5kV
3564050M11M 100A/15.5kV
3564030M11M 30A/15.5kV
3564040M11M 40A/15.5kV
3564050M11M 50A/15.5kV
3565003M11M 3A/23kV
3565006M11M 6A/23kV
3565008M11M 8A/23kV
3565012M11M 12A/23kV
3565018M11M 18A/23kV
3565020M11M 20A/23kV
3565025M11M 25A/23kV
3565030M11M 30A/23kV
3565040M11M 40A/23kV
3565025M11M 50A/23kV
3565030M11M 60A/23kV
3565040M11M 80A/23kV
3437851B04M 20A
3437851B05M 30A
3437851B06M 50A
3437851B07M 75A
3437851B03M 100A
3437851B02M 150A
3437851B01M 200A
3437850B01M 20A
3437850B01M 30A
3437850B02M 50A
3437850B03M 75A
3437850B04M 100A
3437850B05M 150A
3437850B06M 200A
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